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Fashion: My Style By Anne ATS….Sophisticated, Sexy And Beautiful





Our My style fashion exclusives is back!

Our instagram followers are stylish and Ms Anne ATS is no different. Fashion is individual and it is always amazing to see people own their style and show personality through fashion. Meet Anne our style feature for the week. We describe her as a boss with a killer figure which she shoes off in the most sophisticated way.

Check out our interview and pictures to show her style below….

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Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Anne Osato but most people call me Anne_ATS…I am a wardrobe consultant and I also own ATS Hair. Check out to see my products.

How does fashion reflect your personality?

I do believe that clothes are a way of expressing myself depending on a situation. The way in which I style my hair, the colour and what I do with it each day goes hand in hand with the clothes I throw on. But the only way in which you can really gain a true perspective of my personality is to spend time with me and get to know me as a person “As
the saying goes “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”.

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Where do you shop ?

This might sound weird but I do most of my shopping online as I get
too busy to visit shops.

What stresses you out in relation to fashion?

At the moment, I have been lucky. Nothing has stressed me out as yet but I am sure if I was to work with Gucci and present a new line at New York Fashion Week, I am definitely going to experience lots and lots of
stress. For example, just imagine, all of my prototypes have to be runway-ready so that celebrities of the fashion world can judge me and my work. New York Fashion Week is only one of the big shows I’ll present at on an annual basis, and my line might be a complete critical and commercial failure, and I’m competing with lots of other talented people to come up with the Next Big Thing in fashion… In short, stress! If I climb high enough in the fashion world, stress would be part of the fabric of my life. lol

What would you wear on a regular day?

On a regular day when I don’t have much time to plan on what to wear to the office, a good sheath dress is sure to always come in handy. I can use it for interviews, meetings, business presentations or for when I just want to look extra polished on a regular work day. A sheath dress can be rocked on its own or throw on a blazer on top.


What would you wear on a formal outing?

Most women including myself love formal outing, it’s an opportunity to play dress up for real. We can wear more makeup, more jewelry, clothes and shoes that sparkle. It’s always a special occasion dressing where you want to look your best, show off a bit and be glamorous just because formal occasions don’t happen everyday, and when they do occur, it’s an opportunity to pull out all the stops and put your most fashionable foot forward.

Having said all these, my dress code on a formal outing will depend on the occasion, where am hanging out & what
mood I am in. When I’m dressing for a work function, the culture of one’s office should prevail. “If it’s a conservative environment, I dress conservatively for events, too”. My advice for ladies is “no matter how relaxed your office environment or the occasion, never wear anything provocative”. A too-revealing outfit can prevent you from being
taken seriously when it comes to job promotions. So, for a business outing/dinner, I always consider restrained elegance (a knee length pencil skirt with a V-neck long or short sleeve top), otherwise, you’ll catch me wearing a floor-length dress with maybe a corset style which can be very forgiving by cinching the waist and offering an
hour-glass figure that demonstrates elegance, tasteful, refined and creativity with a striking colour or fabric.

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What would you wear on a night out?

I don’t club all the time but when I do, I always have on a bandage dress. Gosh, I love them so much that I feel they should be reserved for special occasions. I love how they are designed to fit snugly and shape your body with its stretch and thickness. I can go on and on about bandage dresses but I’ll stop now……


What fashion items would you advice every lady to have?

Here are some of the things I think every girl should and must have in their wardrobe,,,

a)Little Black Dress, Is there anything more classic than the LBD? The key here is to keep it simple. Add a statement jewelry piece and you’re good to go.

b)Black Heels, a good pair of black heels will last you a lifetime. Whether you’re headed to the office or out for cocktails, black heels are a must-have.

c)Watch, you know what they say: punctuality is a virtue. A good watch will keep you on time, and it’s an excellent layering piece between piles of gold bangles.

d)A Bra for You: Finding the right bra can be quite tricky. Start by getting yourself measured to find the correct size, and then choose a bra that’s comfortable and will work underneath a variety of different style tops.

Who is your favourite celebrity in terms of style?

My favourite celebs in terms of style are Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian (not all of her looks though)and Victoria Beckham.

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