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Exclusive: Interview With Rising Music Star Acetune…Get To Know Him





  Acetune is an artist with a crispy brown chocolate voice with an amazing ability to turn you into a super fan, with one listen to his music. He is an artist with so much in the works.
Over the past few months, he has worked with top industry professionals like 2Face Idibia and superstar producer Masterkraft. This star is on the rise and just released an album with One Mic All stars and two hot new singles Greenlight and If you see my mama.  We caught up with the artist and got to know him a whole lot better…
Check out our interview below 
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Tell us about you

* The name ‘ACETUNE’ describes everything I always want to be associated with as an artist – great music. I really do love music and hope to make a difference to how African sound is perceived globally.

How did music begin for you?

* Music has always been there since my birth as I was born into a music family. My dad worked with a federal radio station with lots of music and Dj’s around the house. We had records everywhere you turned to in the house with music playing all the time. As a little boy, Michael Jackson really inspired me and I loved to dance also sing . Later on in high school, my passion for singing and making music really surpassed every other talent I had and I haven’t stopped since then.

You are currently studying as well…what are you studying and why?

* I just concluded my program as I read music. I didn’t see myself doing something else asides music so I went ahead to get a certificate in music.

Tell us about your new singles 

* I’ve got two songs on the One Mic Album by Airtel. Green Light is an R&B song about a girl who enjoys giving mixed signals *smiles*, She gives you green light but wont say yes. The song was produced by Masterkraft and had Vector featured on it. Its my first single of the All-Star Album. And the second song ‘If you see my mama’ is a rhythmic high-life song that portrays that beautiful and true African love in its purest form. Has a fine blend of Yoruba & Ibo. Was produced by Jaysleek. Its a song I really enjoy listening to.

You have had the opportunity to work with huge names in the industry, what’s the most important lesson you have learnt?

* I always thank God for the opportunity really. Getting to work with A list players to me is a blessing and has opened my eyes to see the music industry differently. Working with 2face, I learned how to never show negative emotions and to always respect others regardless who they are. That’s the only way to remain humble. DJ Klem taught me to value relationship to money, especially with those who helped me with my career. Jaysleek told me to always keep to my art and always work to be the best for hard-work beats talent without work.

What would you like people to know about you?

* That I make music everyday and have an Instagram series on my IG page (@acetune) called #CarStudioSeries where I make music from my car spontaneously with my producer (@RichieMullah) and I do appreciate the fans who forever give me reasons to never stop.

Finish these sentences

I want to…... thank God and also everyone supporting me and contributing to my music in every-way to see I make great music. I really do appreciate for I’m nothing without them. Big thanks to my manager/Producer- Richie Mullah and to everyone working really hard behind the scene.
And bless to Amy Media for love and support.

 I’m happiest when ……people relate to my music like it was tailored for them. Also when someone listens to my music and feels like I’m helping to tell stories that affect them or helping them say what they feel inside but cannot express. It makes me happy being the voice of other people out there.

Tell us about your upcoming work 

* Green Light has just been released as a new single officially and its growing and gaining lots of attention. Came from the studio two days ago to find out #GreenLightByAcetune was trending on twitter. Lots of great stuff would follow that up too but lets expect lots of surprises too from AceTune.

Find Acetune online

* Twitter- @iamAcetune
Instagram – @Acetune

* Link to Green Light – ( )


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