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Events: Cancel Cancer Africa Charity Event CHABS2016, London…Review And Pictures





Last night was the official Cancel Cancer Africa CHABS event in Hoxton, London. People came out to support this amazing course.

The evening kicked off with some networking as guests got to know each other while makeup artists/body painters worked on models live in front of everyone. These models where a site to behold as we sat and watched the artists turn their pictures into real life full body makeup before us.

The purpose of this event was to raise funds for local areas in Africa with no or minimum access to Cancer screening or treatment. The night was not just for the talented individuals but also the audience as members of the audience where called out to participate in games. The highlight of these games included a couple. The husband was blindfolded and had to smell 4 ladies in order to determine which was his wife. These games had a significance behind each and was not only entertaining but enlightening to the audience.

The evening then kicked off with amazing runway collections from six designers. These included male and female wears in Ankara and contemporary materials. The night also featured fund raising auctions and more ….

See pictures from the event below

IMG-20160221-WA0124 IMG-20160221-WA0126 IMG-20160221-WA0127 IMG-20160221-WA0129 IMG-20160221-WA0131 IMG-20160221-WA0132 IMG-20160221-WA0133 IMG-20160221-WA0134 IMG-20160221-WA0135 IMG-20160221-WA0136 IMG-20160221-WA0137 IMG-20160221-WA0140 IMG-20160221-WA0141 IMG-20160221-WA0142 IMG-20160221-WA0143 IMG-20160221-WA0144 IMG-20160221-WA0146 IMG-20160221-WA0147 IMG-20160221-WA0148 IMG-20160221-WA0122 IMG-20160221-WA0123 IMG-20160221-WA0125 IMG-20160221-WA0128 IMG-20160221-WA0130 IMG-20160221-WA0138 IMG-20160221-WA0139 IMG-20160221-WA0145 IMG-20160221-WA0149

This night was one of a kind!

Absolutely amazing!

The most creative event we have ever had a pleasure of reviewing!

A massive shootout to the organiser Ronnie and all the brands, models that came together to create this masterpiece CHABS2016

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