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Event: Yemi Alade’s ‘MAMA AFRICA’ Album Listening Party, London…Review & Pictures





Thursday night was the private album listen event in London, Aldgate for Yemi Alade’s upcoming album ‘MAMA AFRICA’ .

The night was a time for UK Afrobeats professionals and colleagues to get into the musical space of Yemi, listen to her upcoming album track listings and help her create/edit the new album.

The night was attended by UK Radio, Tv, Online publications including musicians and dancers who came to give their opinion. Attendees included BBC Radio 1, SMADE, Factory 78, Amy Media, Vox Africa, Vicky Sola, Runtown and a host of other talented stars/brands. The night started with Yemi Alade’s introduction of the album and her feeling behind the title ‘MAMA AFRICA’  then a run through of snippets for 22 songs that could potentially be in the album. The audience had the opportunity to suggest songs that will be added to the album track lists and also songs that should have a video.

Pictures from the event

 IMG_7720-Yemi-Alade_Mama-Africa_Album-Listening-Party_London-18FEB2016_Sync-600x900 IMG_7713-Yemi-Alade_Mama-Africa_Album-Listening-Party_London-18FEB2016_Sync-600x900 IMG_7702-Yemi-Alade_Mama-Africa_Album-Listening-Party_London-18FEB2016_Sync-600x900 IMG_7700-Yemi-Alade_Mama-Africa_Album-Listening-Party_London-18FEB2016_Sync-600x900 IMG_7698-Yemi-Alade_Mama-Africa_Album-Listening-Party_London-18FEB2016_Sync-600x875 IMG_7683-Yemi-Alade_Mama-Africa_Album-Listening-Party_London-18FEB2016_Sync-600x812 IMG_7681-Yemi-Alade_Mama-Africa_Album-Listening-Party_London-18FEB2016_Sync-600x1004 IMG_7677-Yemi-Alade_Mama-Africa_Album-Listening-Party_London-18FEB2016_Sync-600x935 IMG_7365-Yemi-Alade_Mama-Africa_Album-Listening-Party_London-18FEB2016_Sync-600x400 IMG_7361-Yemi-Alade_Mama-Africa_Album-Listening-Party_London-18FEB2016_Sync-600x400 IMG_7342-Yemi-Alade_Mama-Africa_Album-Listening-Party_London-18FEB2016_Sync-600x900 IMG_7341-Yemi-Alade_Mama-Africa_Album-Listening-Party_London-18FEB2016_Sync-600x900 IMG_7308-Yemi-Alade_Mama-Africa_Album-Listening-Party_London-18FEB2016_Sync-600x900 IMG_7296-Yemi-Alade_Mama-Africa_Album-Listening-Party_London-18FEB2016_Sync-600x400

Our Exclusive top unheard tracks from upcoming album ‘MAMA AFRICA’

Yemi Alade ft Sarkodie- EGO

Yemi Alade-Koffi Anan Freestyle

Yemi Alade- Tumbom Tumbom

Yemi Alade- Dorcas

Yemi Alade- Africa

Yemi Alade was obviously excited and could not sit still, she sang along, danced, taught her new dance to ladies in the audience and got members from the crowd to join her on stage. She also had a lot to say…..

On the album title

‘My friends and manager always call me MAMA AFRICA so I felt it was right to have this title as my album’

Why did you chose to do this event in the UK?

‘I feel the heart of African music is in the UK and for my core fans. I am so excited and would love to make fans of you guys once the album and full version of these songs are out’

This event was amazing and we are looking forward to bring you updates on Mama Africa……Congratulations Yemi Alade MAMA AFRICA is going to be a banger!

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